President Trump, Rule of Law and the Separation of Powers



Donald Trump has been all over headlines since the moment he began holding the office of POTUS (and before that even). There has been concern that President Trump could really implement some of the more controversial policies he professed during his campaign. Looking towards his executive orders, that concern seems justified, but just how bad can President Trump be? He does seem to be spearheading a challenge against abstract rights, but does he have the legal right to implement such policies? Even if he does, would a President Trump be practically/politically be able to implement some of his more controversial policies?
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Age is no barrier to work or success



For some of us a birthday can be a reminder of another year passed and our career goals yet to be achieved. The subject of age can also be a sensitive topic in the workplace and in everyday life. I have sometimes found when going to open evenings at law firms or researching into law firms that there is a slight preference for younger graduates as trainees who will be easier to mould into the image of the firm. I should say this is not indicative of all law firms and many recognise the contribution and experience that older trainees can bring. Continue reading

Brexit: What’s Next?



In the space of five days England has voted to leave the European Union and crashed out of the European Football Championship; David Cameron and Roy Hodgson have both walked out the door; and despite everything, at the time of writing, Jeremy Corbyn still remains in post. This blog will consider the next steps and implications of the former Brexit; the football to be put down as a usual England performance that will be forgotten about in another five days.
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The Queen’s speech from a legal perspective



Her Majesty the Queen delivered her 63rd Queen’s Speech from the throne in the House of Lords on 18 May 2016. The upcoming EU referendum has dominated the Government’s agenda so far this year, but this has not stopped the Government from proposing 21 new Bills. Below are 10 of the Bills most relevant to the legal sector, which include among them proposals for a new UK Bill of Rights, modernisation of the courts, and social reform. Continue reading

Top 5 CV drafting tips



A CV is the first impression you will give a potential interviewer or employer. It is a representation of who you are, your capabilities and your achievements. Writing a good CV isn’t hard but over the years I have reviewed many CVs and I have seen applicants make the same mistakes over and over again. Below I list the top 5 areas you should focus on when preparing a CV. There are many ways to draft and lay out a CV but below are a list of pointers I regularly give applicants who ask me to take a look at their CV: Continue reading