New Beginnings

Hello and welcome to the Urban Lawyers blog! This blog has been started to promote the continued success of Urban Lawyers; a team of dedicated volunteers set up by founder Tunde Okewale (Doughty Street Chambers). The raison d’etre behind Urban Lawyers is to educate, engage and stimulate discussion amongst young people about their attitudes towards Criminal Law, policing, and personal responsibility. Urban Lawyers also provides information about access to the legal profession; a profession of which entry is highly competitive. 

Urban Lawyers 

Urban Lawyers’ aims and objectives are:

  • To educate and engage disaffected young people by improving their understanding of the Criminal Justice System and the policing that governs it, and
  • To provide up to date information to organisations and institutions that work with and for young people.
  • To provide up to date information to individuals wishing to enter the legal profession.

Urban Lawyers achieve these aims and objectives in many ways including research, law in action courses, workshops, merchandise and events. More information can be found on the Urban Lawyers website:

Urban Lawyers can also be found on:



Through the use of this blog Urban Lawyers will aim to blog at least weekly about both upcoming events and current affairs with legal issues which will be analysed and discussed in an unbiased way to promote the understanding of such issues.


I hope you enjoy reading! Please don’t forget to follow this blog; ensuring you receive email notifications of all new posts.





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