The Rule of Law



A topic which has been mentioned in previous blog posts has been that of the rule of law. The rule of law is a concept difficult of a single definition. It is however, a key component in any civilised and democratic society. The easiest way, and that in which many would describe the rule of law, is by saying it is the principle in which nobody is above the law. This definition unfortunately does not go anywhere near encompassing what the rule of law is or is made up of. The concept of the rule of Continue reading


Judicial Review



Background to Judicial Review

For the benefit of the lay reader it may be best to give a brief outline of areas surrounding judicial review before diving straight into the matter itself.

In The U.K. we have a tripartite system. The Executive, made up of the government; the Legislature, made up of Parliament and the Judiciary, made up of the courts. Parliament is the supreme law making body and any Act of Parliament can override any other body. It is the role of the Judiciary to enforce the law and in doing so it often has to interpret it. A vast amount of law however, has not been made through an Act of Parliament. It comes from common law, i.e. case law that has Continue reading

The people speak out


As another week has passed, the 1st of June, the start of British Summer Time has come and gone. Today, the 4th June is significant in relation to the legal aid proposals. Today is the consultation deadline. With the online e-petition now boasting over 75,000 signatories, the impending cuts seem less likely to go ahead as planned. Or do they?

The e-petition has received the obligatory response from the government, which must be provided when an e-petition reaches 10,000 signatories. The response by Continue reading