Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act: A proportionate response or a war on human rights?


Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 came into force on the 19th February 2001. 12 years later and its use is widespread; 61,145 people were held under the provisions in 2012-13 alone.[1] The provisions of Schedule 7 are extremely controversial and have held a prominent place in the media recently after the whole ‘Miranda’ affair. Mr Miranda is the partner of Glenn Greenwald, a journalist with the Guardian newspaper. He has made a series of controversial disclosures on US and British spying capabilities based on information from the former US intelligence employee Edward Snowden.[2]

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Guest Blog: India’s Missing Girls



Gender favouritism in India has existed for centuries. Favouring the birth of males over females is dominant in Indian society and is a traditional notion which stems from the culture of males carrying on the family name, providing for the elders and not burdening their family at the time of marriage.[1] Gender favouritism is so deep rooted that it has become a societal norm for women to take two very different routes in order to give birth to a boy; one being to keep on giving birth until the baby is a boy, but the other is a much darker, Continue reading

Guest Blog: One year since its birth Operation Nutmeg has been challenged by Ex-prisoner



Operation Nutmeg is the code name for a large-scale operation aiming to ‘collect 12,000 DNA samples from people convicted of serious crimes before 1994’, before DNA swabs were routinely taken, in order to ‘add their DNA profiles to the police DNA database’, which was set up in 1995 containing 6.5 million DNA profiles, in an attempt to solve historic crimes. Forces are operating this national drive via powers given by the Crime and Security Act 2010. ‘By July of this year, 6,204 samples had been taken under the scheme, Continue reading

A blog about Urban Lawyers


Many of you may have already come across some previous Urban Lawyers blog posts. Some of you may be avid followers of the Urban Lawyers blogs and always patiently anticipate the next. However, how many of you could describe what Urban Lawyers do? As a result, the purpose of this blog post is to not only explain what Urban Lawyers do, but to provoke discussion based around the challenges which are faced by such an organisation.

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