Anonymity and Sexual Offences

Whether or not those accused of rape or other sexual offences should be afforded anonymity has been a prolific topic in the national press recently. It is well recognised in the UK that complainants in sex cases are afforded anonymity from the time of their allegation throughout the rest of their lives. Why then do we not afford those accused of these crimes the same right in order to protect the potentially innocent defendant? Continue reading


Chris Grayling: Not Above the Law

In two recent damning High Court judgments, Chris Grayling and the Ministry of Justice have been defeated in relation to two decisions made on legal aid reforms.

  1. Criminal Legal Aid: Fee Cuts & Duty Solicitor Contracts.

Earlier this year the government consulted on the changes to criminal legal aid. Following the consultation, the government introduced a 17.5% fee cut as well as a reduction in the number of duty solicitor contracts available from 1600 to 525. Continue reading