Can employers snoop on their workers’ private emails and messages at work?



A spate of alarming headlines appeared in the media in January 2016 which suggested that employers can spy on their workers’ private emails and messages in the workplace. This follows a recent judgement of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). There has already been talk of a “Snoopers Charter” relating to our personal internet activities. Will this case result in a “Snoopers Charter” relating to the workplace? Continue reading


Clarity, conviction and control; the original Urban Lawyer shows us exactly how it’s done

Introducing Urban Lawyers North
As the pioneer of Urban Lawyers, it was only fitting to have Tunde Okewale kick-start Urban Lawyers North at BPP Manchester where he dealt out a sharp lesson in oral advocacy on the 3rd of February 2016. With his widely acknowledged unique style of public speaking and rather non-traditional journey into one of the UK’s leading Human Rights and Criminal law chambers, Tunde has a reputation for captivating his audience. It comes as no surprise then, that the event was attended by a variety of eager law students from those studying the LLB to those embarking on their own journey into the Bar. Continue reading

Investigatory Powers Bill: What is it all about?



Have you ever wondered, when making a call or using the internet, whether someone could be collecting a record of who, what, why, when, where and how? Maybe you have not given it a second thought, or you accept it’s a small price to pay for our security. Either way, the Government’s draft Investigatory Powers Bill, announced by the Home Secretary on 4 November 2015, would substantially change the way private communications data is held by internet service providers and accessed by the security services and police in the UK. Continue reading

5 Quick Tips for Training Contract Applications

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  1. Why Do You Want To Work For This Firm?


Think deeply about what it is that attracts you to the law firm you are applying for. This is where attendance at graduate presentations and career fairs becomes useful. You will want to discuss the culture of the organisation, possible diversity initiatives,  firm structure and the all important USP that has you convinced that this is the right firm for you!
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