5 Quick Tips for Training Contract Applications

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  1. Why Do You Want To Work For This Firm?


Think deeply about what it is that attracts you to the law firm you are applying for. This is where attendance at graduate presentations and career fairs becomes useful. You will want to discuss the culture of the organisation, possible diversity initiatives,  firm structure and the all important USP that has you convinced that this is the right firm for you!



  1. What is your story?


As quoted by one of UL’s members, Aksa Asad, your application form should tell your story. What is it that makes you tick? What is the journey process that has led you to this point? No experience is to small! Whoever is reading the application should be able to discern what motivates you and what it is you have to offer.


  1. Answer the question being asked


We’ve all had that moment when we are caught up in conversation or discussion and veer off on a tangent, please note that your TC application is not the place to do it! Often times in applications you will feel as though you are answering the same question twice but keep a look out for slight changes in wording. As a lawyer, attention to detail is key. Your answers on the application must be succinct and address each question head on.


  1. Deadlines!


It goes without saying, make sure you are well in the loop for your target firms TC deadlines.

This way, if you know you want to give your application to your mentor, family member or  trusted friend (or whoever else you can find to twist their arm) you have given yourself and them enough time to read through and give you their feedback. There is always room for improvements so don’t be surprised if you have to do some redrafting. Its all part of the game!


  1. It may not be easy but it’ll be worth it as long as you put the work in!

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