“If our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we’ll change the laws so that we can do it.”

This was the statement that was met by cheers, applause and approval from a sea of people propping up ‘VOTE CONSERVATIVE’ signs. It was delivered unfalteringly of course, an important part of responding to a series of terrorist attacks that had claimed lives and shaken a nation. Theresa May’s words however went one step beyond reassurance. She did not create a narrative explaining why British-born citizens were pandering to extremist views. She did not explain why the Westminster Bridge, Manchester, London Bridge, Borough Market and Finsbury Park attackers fell through the cracks of her Prevent duty. In other words, she did not look back and evaluate her current policy. She did not attempt to see beyond ‘ideology’ as the undercurrent of these attacks. Instead, she told us that laws were dispensable. Continue reading