Employment law changes: past and present


The 6th April 2014; a key date in any employment lawyer’s diary. Year on year, the start of a new financial year means the introduction of new employment laws to coincide. This article will first look back and analyse the impact of last year’s changes, before providing Continue reading


Employment Law: Know your rights


This article aims to educate and impart knowledge in relation to employment law. If you are employed it is important that you know your rights. Many employees can forgo rights they are entitled to simply because they are unaware of them. This article does not intend to provide a comprehensive list of rights available, but simply highlight a few which can be overlooked. Things you should be aware of:

  • Are you being paid the minimum wage? The minimum wage is currently £6.19 per hour. This rises to £6.31 from the 1st October 2013. E.g. You receive an annual salary of £15,000; You work 47 hours a week. This is equivalent to being paid £6.14 per hour which is below the minimum wage. Continue reading